"Walking" on Bistrița valley


"Walking" on Bistrița valley

PREAMBLE: All the "step by step" routes presented in our application start from the heart of the city (The Royal Court) and return here, regardless of whether the route is linear or circular. Also, we start from the premise that the tourist attractions of the Royal Court have been visited beforehand: the Tower of Stephen the Great with the Royal Church "Sfântul Ioan Domnesc" and the two cellars, but also the Museums of Art, Ethnography and Cucuteni Neolithic Art.

DIRECTIONS AND ORIENTATION: This tourist route will take you from the center, on Mihai Eminescu boulevard and to Căprioara bridge, the only road bridge in the city over the Bistrița river. As soon as you turn right, you will notice a number of old houses, some of them architecturally interesting. You will then continue in a straight line to the Tineretului beach, often described by the locals as "Over the Valley". This is the place where, for so many decades, locals and tourists meet on beautiful summer weekends (and not only). After you pass the beach, higher up the hill is Doamna Hermitage (the Church ”Saints Apostles Peter and Paul"), and in the valley the equestrian base from the city. The Piatra-Neamț Hydropower Plant (Bâtca Doamnei Dam) awaits you a few steps ahead. You will then descend on the other side of the dam and you will notice, on the right, the wooden bridge. It is good to know that it is also in a full rehabilitation process today. You will cross the railway, then enter Emil Costinescu Street and go forward to the intersection with Decebal Boulevard, where the New Precista Church (the ”Nativity of the Mother of God" Church) is located. Turning right and heading towards the center, you will notice the Precista Veche Church, another emblematic building of the city thanks to the special architectural style created by Roger Bolomey (important figure). To return to the tower, you can continue along the boulevard until Petrodava Square, then turn left onto Republicii Boulevard. An interesting alternative is to turn left immediately after the church, go up a little on Mihail Sadoveanu street, then right on Calistrat Hogaș street, until the writer's memorial house. And on this street are some old houses, some of them heritage.

DISTANCE AND TIME: 7km (circular route) / 2h actual walking, 5-6h with visits and breaks.

POSSIBLE EXTENSIONS: "La Caiace" is only 1km away, the ruins of the Dacian fortress "Petrodava" is at 3km away (especially worth it because of the view), and the place known as "La lebede" (at the swans) is at 4km away. All of these can be linked together, but require additional time allocation.

FOOD & DRINK OFFER: Use the EAT & DRINK section of the app to find and choose locations near the route, in case you want to have a meal or a drink.

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