Royal Court Museum


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Piața Libertății, Piatra Neamț, Romania


From Ștefan's the Great Royal Court is still preserved fragments from the south side of the wall of enclosure and the north east corner of the cellars that include an access room, a long hallway and four galleries. These rooms host nowadays Royal Court Museum.

Cellar I
In the exhibition space within the cellar are exposed artifacts discovered in Royal Court area: coins, jewelry and clothing accessories. Inside the exhibition was rebuilt military equipment (broadsword, iron shirt, crest, shield and more) and weapons (swors, axes, bow and arrows and more) specific to the medieval period.

In the entrace hallway and in the southbound there are arranged several information and illustrated panels that represent the origin and appearance of the medieval fair, the history and the evolution of the institution Royal Court from Piatra but also facts regarding arheological research that targeted the cellar of Royal Court.

Cellar II
This cellar dates back in 18th century. Therewith, the cellar overlap two older ones, first from the age of Alexandru the Good and the second from the age of Ștefan the Great, both beeing part, at a certain time, of Royal Court Ensemble. Historians says that this cellar was used as basement where Moldavian rulers were keeping wine barrels.

Visiting hours: Everyday from 09 to 17 (October to March); from 10 to 18 (April to September)
Monday: Closed

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