The Dacian fortress Petrodava


Cetatea Antica Petrodava, Strada Bâtca Doamnei, 617511, Romania


The name of the fortress is mentioned by Ptolomeu in the work "Geographia" in the description of Dacia, where are listed 43 cities (fortresses).

The archaeologist had discovered dacian artifacts at Bâtca Doamnei on a surface of almost 20000 square meters and had determined two levels of living: one dating from 2nd century, the other one corresponding to the period between 1st century BC and 1st century AC.

Archaeological materials and also the few coins descovered at Bâtca Doamnei, made the resercher suppose that the settlement was founded in 2nd century BC but the growing period started in the next century continuing after.

The end of the fortress was caused by a fire. Also a fire has ended the first fase of this settlements. It is hard to establish when these events took place.

There is no reason to belive that this fortress had a different faith than the three geto-dacian fortresses on Siret river, that had great distruction after some events placed betwen 89 AC (year of ending peace of Decebal with Domișian) and 106 (ending of his wars with romans).

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