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Piața Libertății 1, Piatra Neamț 610100, Romania


Founded in year 1980, works in the building built in 1930 by the italians Carol Zane and Vicenzo Puschiasis.

Museum exhibition contains works of romanian artists that was related with Neamț area and shows a complete image of the evolution of visualart from the end of 19th century and the begining of 20th century.

Thereby we can admire the works of the paintors: Nicolae Tonitza, Gheorghe Petraşcu, Ion Ţuculescu, Corneliu Baba, Francisc Şirato, Ştefan Popescu and the sculptors Ion Irimescu and Ion Jalea.

Representatives for contemporary Romanian art are exposed the works of the painters: Simona Vasiliu Chintilă, Spiru Chintilă, Iulia Hălăucescu, Ion Sălişteanu, Dan Hatmanu, Ion Gheorghiu, Corneliu Vasilescu, Eugen Crăciun, Ilie Boca, Lascăr Vorel and the sculptors: Ovidiu Maitec, Clement Pompiliu, Nicolae Fleissig and Iulia Oniţă.

Next to the collection of paints, graphics and sculpture we can find the tapestry creation of Aurelia Vasiliu Gheață that are made with a traditional technique combining authentic popular art with medieval wall painting.

Visiting hours: Everyday from 09 to 17 (October to March); from 10 to 18 (April to September)
Monday: Closed

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